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The tannery ABANCUER S.R.L. it works for 6 years. In their beginnings it was in the street Millán, and starting from 1997 it enlarged their production and he/she had to move to a bigger plant in the street Florida of the town of Lanús.
Continually we are investing in machines and in facilities so that our clients obtain a good and economic leather.
The quality of our products goes of the hand of the human warmth of who we make ABANCUER. The personnel is qualified professionally, and in attention to the client, which we consider essential to begin a relationship of mutual benefits. For this ideology, the respect and the sincerity they are our main qualities like merchants.

In ABANCUER leathers can be processed for gear and footwear with variety of thickness, textures and colors. The same ones present an excellent termination and a good market price.
Big clients and suppliers endorse our trajectory and they trust ABANCUER.

We thank their visit and we wait anxious to establish a contact with you
He/she greets cordially, Eduardo García, Socio Gerente.


FLORIDA 1869 - LANÚS - BUENOS AIRES - ARGENTINE - [54] [011] 4228.1070